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At our Lexington location, we see a lot of people coming through to buy many of our new, used and refurbished smartphones and computers, as well as other popular products that we keep in the store.

This is not by any means an exhaustive explanation of why people buy what they do, but it explains some trends that we’ve seen as our customers make smart decisions about saving money with device purchases.

Buying New

Frankly, too many smartphone carriers buy their smartphones new simply because they’re coerced into it at their carrier storefront. The salespeople fold large amounts of money into their monthly bills, so they never notice how much they’re paying for smartphone or a tablet. It might be comfortable, but it’s not abundantly fair, as some people end up resenting it, so they seek out third party shops.

However, you can make smarter decisions about buying new smartphones and devices. We have these in stock at much lower prices than your Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T store will typically offer, and with a different sales and service energy and a different business model that is often to the customer’s advantage.

Buying Used Devices

Why do people buy used? Often it’s because they know that professional shops like ours are able to take pre-owned devices, check them for any defects or problems, fully clean them up, and get them in great condition and then sell them for very reasonable prices.

People who don’t want the expense of carrying around a new smartphone will often choose used models based on price, and be entirely happy with what they’ve chosen.

Buying Refurbished Devices

This one’s a little interesting. There’s a kind of buzz around refurbished products. Many people just like the idea that qualified technicians from the manufacturer’s office are going over each used piece of equipment, and fully authenticating its return to factory condition. In many industries, you see outlets handily selling refurbished goods at competitive prices.

You see that here, too. As we see high traffic through the store every day, people are looking at getting high-quality purchases for less money, in order to decrease their bloated cell phone bills and handle their household finances in a better way. Then, too, if a device screen breaks, we are here to help patch up your existing purchase and get you on your way. The value of not having to ship a broken device to a remote location gives our customers peace of mind about getting their smartphones and other gear back in their pockets.

Learn more at the web site and get our hours etc. We look forward to seeing you.