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We pay CASH for used iPhones, Laptops, Smartphones, Computers, iPads, Tablets, Game Consoles and more at Refurb Kings.

Why We Do This

Why do we buy these used devices from people? Well, there are actually a few different answers to this question…

First of all, we do it because it works. There are so many people who value the savings that they get from a used and refurbished phone or device that there’s really a demand for this kind of pre-owned product. We are able to take a lot of brands from a lot of different manufacturers. We’re even able to sell older classic versions of phones, because not everybody wants the next big thing that is coming out.

Another reason is that saving devices from the slipstream decreases what’s known as e-waste. E-waste can be a problem when heavy metals build up in waterways or contaminated soil. That’s why government planners and businesses are creating opportunities for responsible recycling of things like smartphones. One way to create synergy is by selling your old devices back to someone who can make them into useful and salable items. That’s a real win-win for the consumer, the wildlife, etc.

IPhone and Android

In some ways, the industry makes it easy for shoppers, in that there are really two major operating systems for most smartphones: Apple and Android.

However, when it comes to makers, there are any number of manufacturers of devices such as companies like Nokia and others like Samsung and LG that compete to offer high-quality, nicely featured phones.

In that sense, there’s some competition in the hardware area. And again, when you have the ability to work with all of these different kinds of devices, it shows you what’s being produced, how that serves customer demand, and again, how to be more efficient, not only in selling, but in buying, too.

Another way to talk about this is that device buying is a contribution to the local community. Overall, it creates more choices for shoppers, while helping to deal with e-waste as a comprehensive problem and creating spaces, solutions for people who need to get rid of these items.

Now, of course, you want your buyer to be reasonable and easy to work with. One of the most frustrating things to people who want to sell an old device is when a buyer just seems to be nickel and diming them, or becoming sort of unreasonable about values and logistics. In fact, companies that don’t accommodate their customers, whether they’re buying or selling, can lose market share to others for that reason.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and one of the most accessible companies buying smartphones and devices in the Lexington, KY area.

Just come by and talk to us about your device and see if it qualifies for resale – we’ll be straight and upfront with you about your device and you just may walk away with cash in your pocket!