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We talk a lot about our laptop program and many other aspects of what we do here at RefurbKings. But let’s talk a little bit about how you serve customers by making these services work smoothly!

No Appointment?

Here at RefurbKings, you can walk in and get service anytime. You may have to leave your device and come back, but you won’t need to schedule an appointment just to talk. Our people are here, and we welcome you to coast on in and show us what you’ve got going on.

Having appointment-only policies can provide perhaps a little bit more organization, but the inconvenience greatly outweighs any benefit to anybody. Somebody has to keep a spreadsheet of all of those appointments, and then somebody runs late and – well, you get the idea. It’s a way of working that becomes problematic really quickly – and it often discourages the customer more than the shop.

Too much micromanaging makes a company like this less valuable to its customers, and we’re dedicated to great customer service here. That’s why we keep our doors open for you.

Help with Any U.S. Carrier

You know it’s really annoying? To come to a full service repair company and hear people talking about how they only work on a certain brand.

We have inventory in stock from all U.S. carriers, and we have broad experience working with different kinds of devices. According to us, that’s a must in our business. It’s like the mechanic who says he only works on Ford – we don’t know how you keep your service bays open that way. It’s more convenient for you, but it’s not more convenient for the customer, who has to go looking through the yellow pages for each different kind of car, or in this case, every different type of phone or laptop that they own.

Screens and What’s Behind Them

We fix screens, and we fix all of the other internal parts of your devices, too. A can-do approach is what gets projects done in this business. In addition, you get the major savings provided by buying a used or refurbished device. These things come out of the factory and into the big box stores with price tags that could choke an elk. Then the carriers simply finance all of those hundreds of dollars into your monthly plan, and you end up paying off your phone for a major part of your lifetime. Then your phone becomes obsolete, you try to get a new one, and the whole process starts all over again…

Skip all that, and come to a place where you can get cheap phones conveniently and get back on the road doing what you want to do!

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