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At RefurbKings, we have hundreds of phones from the best makers – all sorts of modern smartphones and mobile devices for you to choose from as you explore a pre-owned purchase.

Choosing a pre-owned phone helps you to save money up front, and it also helps the environment. For many people, it’s a more sustainable way to shop for the mini computers that we carry around in our pockets.

Refurb Kings | Lexington’s #1 Electronics Repair Store

Making a Liability Into an Asset

One reason that we keep all of these phones on hand is related to the growing concept of e-waste.

Basically speaking, once someone has used a smartphone until it no longer fits their needs, that phone isn’t useful to them anymore. But it might be useful to someone else. In fact, if refurbished back to factory conditions, it probably will be!

So having a secondary market for these mobile phones makes enormous sense. Otherwise, there’s just a glut of them lying around dormant, waiting to be processed, whether that means recycled, or unfortunately dumped into a landfill or trash space.

Governments and businesses are doing their best to prevent e-waste from being dumped in landfills, and being able to reuse smartphones and mobile devices is a main part of this effort. There are rare earth metals in many of these devices that need to be worked with carefully, and so refurbishing a device does a number of things to help the environment and the society.

Making Things Easier

Here’s another big benefit for people who are carrying pre-owned smartphones and mobile devices.

The whole process is easier and less expensive. When you go to shop for a replacement phone, you have more options at lower prices. Then you also tend to feel better about carrying your phone around wherever you go, and you worry about it less. If you pay upfront versus financing on an expensive new phone, you have less to worry about if you lose the phone, or damage its screen or some other part of the device.

All of this makes RefurbKings an excellent place to go for your next pre-owned smartphone. Get 90 days same as cash financing through our Mariner program, and ask us about ‘no credit check’ options available. We also offer free layaway on devices, so if you see one that you like, but need to earn up for it, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at the entire catalog and browse the site to learn more about how a pre-owned or refurbished smartphone might be right for your next purchase. We have phones for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile carriers, and items from brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, and Alienware. We will help you to find the specific device that best suits your needs!

Refurb Kings offers Free Layaway!

90 Days “Same As Cash” financing available with  Mariner finance!

Plus, No Credit Check option also available with Acima!

(Certain restrictions apply, see store for details and ask a sales associate for more details. Credit check and Credit Approval will be required for “Promo” financing options like 90 days Same As Cash.)