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Some of us can’t resist buying new things, ‘new’ being the operative word. It stems from a feeling of being the first ever person to use the item, be it an electronic device or a household item. But for the environmentally friendly among us, the word refurbished can take on new significance.

What does refurbished mean?

You will find that the word ‘refurbished’ usually refers to electronic items or properties that need refurbishing. In both cases, it means that they are refreshed, or renewed and made almost new. In the case of electronic items, they also get updated technologically.

For instance, in the case of laptops, a product sold at first gets returned for any number of reasons including faulty packaging. When the packaging is changed and the system is given a once over, it gets back into the market as a refurbished laptop.

Value in refurbishing

For those aware of the increasing impact of waste in landfills and its effect on the environment, refurbishing electronic items instead of simply disposing them can take on a whole new meaning. Unfortunately, the level of awareness has to increase to encompass the world population so that every individual can see the value in refurbishing.

Reduce waste

To start with, people need to be educated on waste and how to practice a zero-waste lifestyle. While there is greater awareness now than before, thanks to social media as well as the messages from environmentally conscious activists, not enough reaches the people. Or, if people are aware of it, they are still unable to practice it in their daily lives.

The only way it can be a successful effort is when every individual understands the impact of climate change, and the steps one can take towards nurturing instead of exploiting the natural resources. Just like charity, it has to begin at home.

Choose refurbished instead of new

Refurbished items, especially electronic ones, must be a personal choice. All you need to know is if the refurbishment has been done professionally and if the item works as well as it should or would if it were completely new.

There is a growing market for refurbished goods and it is easy to avail yourself of the right product once you get over the desire to own only new items. There are companies that not only sell fully refurbished items but also sell the necessary parts for you to refurbish them yourselves.

Naturally, you would be saving a bundle and contributing to saving the environment. What can be a better choice.