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Fast Delivery

Most of our phone repairs are finished in under an hour. No appointment needed for same day services!


We use high end, top tier repair parts and components


We repair all makes of smartphones, laptops and other electronics. Plus get our FREE 60 Day in house warranty on all purchases!

Ready to fix it?

Get your device back in working order as fast as humanly possible! We repair iPhones, Androids, Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers & More.

What we offer

Competitive prices on all the devices you need to tech up! Plus get our in-store 60 day warranty on all of our products.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair

Damaged or broken your phone/tablet? We can get it repaired in less time and for less money.

Laptop & Computer Repair

Cracked your screen or can’t figure out whats wrong with your laptop? Bring it to us!

Gaming Console Repair

We provide repair services for a long list of electronics. Call us to see if we can fix your device!

We Pay Cash For Used Electronics

When you find yourself with a pile of old electronics, or you’ve just upgraded devices and don’t have use for them, don’t fret!

We’re located just down the street and we’ll give cash for your used devices.

What You Should Know About Your Devices

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