10 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Phone

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Do you prefer an Apple or Android?  Truthfully, they all experience some type of damage sooner or later.  Check out the warning signs below to determine if it’s time for us to sell you a new phone or replace your battery.

  1. Are you unable to download the new upgrade? – Upgrades are available for security reasons. If you are unable to download you risk the security of your phone and personal information.
  2. Your battery no longer holds a charge– If your phone dies randomly, in the middle of the day, after a full charge, it is barely holding on. It might be time to replace the battery. To save battery life, charge your phones correctly. Avoid overcharging and charging overnight. Once the battery reaches 100% unplug it.
  3. Lagging – Is your phone moving really slow? Does it freeze? Has your touch screen stopped working? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, try deleting apps, pictures and anything you don’t need off your phone. If this doesn’t work, its time for a new phone.
  4. Cracked screens– Need we say more?
  5. Band or lines across the screen – There is internal screen damage. The lines will gradually spread until they take over your phone.
  6. A broken power button – The power button is the most important, really one of the only buttons on your phone. What can you do without it?
  7. Your phone should grow with you – If life or business require upgraded software, upgrade your phone to make life easy. Keep up with all your needs without the stress of an old phone. 
  8. Does it power on & off by itself? – Call the Refurb Kings to get your battery checked before you call the Ghostbusters. There is possible damage to the battery that you should consider replacing.
  9. Overheating or bulging-If your phone is overheating with or without use, replace it ASAP. We know phones can explode, causing a danger to you and those around you. A bulging battery is an indicator that chemicals are breaking down the battery. Please be safe and have your phone checked out or replaced.
  10. Camera – Selfies are supposed to be quick. If your phone takes to long to capture a photo, that is a bad sign for longevity. The camera shouldn’t lag between shutters.

The Refurb Kings offer repair services and refurbished devices at exceptional prices without an appointment. Here we accept walk-ins while we work hard to complete same day services. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.