5 Ways to Take Care of Your Device

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Cell phones are a necessary investment. We use them day by day to communicate, maintain appointments, and browse evaluations for the latest restaurant, so it’s vital that it stays in excellent condition and is generally up to speed. Find out ways to keep your phone up to par below.

Keep it Protected

After you’ve researched, purchased, and acquired care or insurance for your phone, the next important step is to protect the screen and other areas of the phone. I’ll by no means overlook watching a young lady shatter her brand-new phone the day after Christmas. She lacked insurance, so her only options were to repair or buy a new phone. To avoid her situation, buy a case that covers all corners and invest in a glass screen protector. If you have horrific success with phones or are clumsy, there are cellphone accessories that protect the entire device.


It is easy to leave your phone in random places when it is not in use. Avoid high places, cluttered areas, and places where you store food or drinks. Ideal places for storage are clean desks, tables, or dressers.

The car is not a safe storage space for several reasons. With the holidays vastly approaching, thieves are on the prowl. For them, a shiny new cellphone is a great reason to break in a car. Cars additionally get extraordinarily hot at some point of the summer. Your smartphone will overheat if directly exposed to the sun.

Unless your smartphone is water-resistant or protected through a water-resistant case, store it in a cool, dry area.


Dust and other harmful particles can enter your phone through speakers, charging ports, and other areas. Dry tissue paper and wipes will help keep your screen clean and free from particles.


The battery is usually the first part of the phone to stop working. Battery damage is partially due to overcharging. Once your battery is charged, unplug it and try to hold the battery between 40%-80% before recharging. Limit browsing, social media, and other forms of communication to maintain healthy battery life. 

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