What Should You Do if You Drop Your Phone in Water?

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Regardless of if you drop your phone in the water at the beach, in your own swimming pool or even in the toilet, the damage that occurs can be significant. While there are some phones available today that boast the ability to withstand water, there aren’t any that are completely immune to the effects that water damage can have.

Before you take your phone anywhere near water, you need to know what to do if you accidentally get your device wet. In many cases, time is of the essence.

Get the Phone Out of the Water

The faster you can pull your phone out of the water, the better. This is especially the case if it has fallen into saltwater. The longer you leave your phone submerged in water, the higher likelihood that the device will experience serious damage. If the phone is only in water for a few seconds, there’s a good chance your phone will be fine.

Turn the Phone Off

Once the phone is out of the water, if it is still on, turn it off. At this point, you may wonder why this is important.

The main reason you need to turn the device off is because if there is water inside of it, it may short out the circuit board. If this happens, your phone will have to be replaced. The goal here is to prevent as much damage as you can.

Take it Out of the Case and Dry it Off

Be sure to remove any and everything that is attached to your device. This includes the battery, memory cards, sim card, or anything else on the outside or inside of the device.

Dry the outside of the phone well with a soft cloth or a paper towel. Don’t try to stuff anything into the charging port or the headphone jack. This may result in even more damage. Also, don’t try to use a hair dryer to dry out your device – it can damage the internal components.

Don’t Put Your Phone in the Freezer or in Rice

There’s a myth that putting your wet phone in rice will dry it out – this can actually cause more damage. There are some who also believe it should go in the freezer. Don’t ever do this either. Water is going to expand as it freezes, resulting in even more damage.

A better option is to take your device to the professionals to be evaluated. Or you can use small silica gel packets, which are usually found in certain grocery items and shoes. These are specifically designed to absorb moisture. Put your phone and the packets in a large baggie and let them work their magic.

The only way you are going to know if your efforts have been effective is with time. You can also enlist the services of the pros, who can provide even more help and information about how to restore your wet phone back to good, working order.