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Some basic troubleshooting problems with your smartphone may have to do with the accessories that you’re using. This is one of the frontline kinds of problems that should be addressed before you start looking into deeper level diagnostics and repairs.

Many of these tips are more relevant to iPhones than Android devices. We’ve found that many of our customers with less tech-savvy knowledge are using Apple products.

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your use of your smartphone with the best accessories.

Chargers and Cable Cords

The two-part charger that Apple uses for power delivery can be problematic if you don’t have the right type of accessory for your phone.

Some phones do better with certain kinds of blocks that fit into the wall outlet. Others need a specific kind of cable such as a higher-quality corded cable, rather than a very cheap thin cable depending on the sensitivity of the lightning port and various factors.

In general, you’re trying to promote a clean connection to your phone so that you can power up consistently and efficiently.

Phone Cases

A phone typically does much better in a cell phone case. We’re not referring here to the holders that you use to keep the phone accessible. We’re referring to the hard elements that you snap your phone into in order to protect it.

The phone case also provides that frontline of protection and may help you to avoid expensive repairs in the long run.

Phone Holders

Here’s another way you can optimize your use of a smartphone.

Many of us take our smartphones wherever we go. But keeping your phone in your pocket can be inconvenient and bad for your device as well.

We’ve seen a lot of situations where customers were complaining about what happened to their phone when it was in their pocket – that the touchscreen would be activated without their knowledge, or that the phone would interact with other items that they were carrying.

A great way to avoid that is to have a phone holder that clips onto a belt or piece of clothing. Then you carry your phone externally. It can be more accessible and better protected in general.

The key is to have the right size of phone holder.

A few weeks ago, we helped an older gentleman with a smaller and out of date smartphone.

He was explaining how he liked the smaller iPhone build, and so chose to deliberately carry an older phone. But then he couldn’t find the right size holder and was having to carry the phone around in his pocket with predictable results.

In the best case, phones are kept external to the body. They’re in high-quality cases and holders to protect them from things like the elements, high-traffic and external pressure.

We can help with some of these issues for people who are not getting what they want out of their smartphones. We also deal in more extensive repairs, but sometimes troubleshooting these issues can help quite a lot. We know that it is sometimes hard for people to understand everything about their smartphone as the complex computer device that it is. Come to RefurbKings for help!

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