The Next New Big Thing: Save Money on Smartphones

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If you love smartphone innovation and you’ve got tons of money to burn, you can afford to buy the new iPhone every single year when it first comes out on the market.

You can walk into your local telecom store and get the biggest, newest phone easily. You can even get the cost folded into extensive financing contracts where you’re going to be paying off that $600 or $800 or $1200 phone over four or five years. The real cost is hidden, but that’s by design because if you look at the full amount that you’re spending to carry that little mini-computer around in your pocket, you’ll see how much other stuff you have to give up in order to pay that. It’s called opportunity cost, and it makes us re-think many purchases. So when you do what’s easiest, you may be overpaying.

You can just walk into your provider’s store and throw down what they charge, or you can save yourself enormous amounts of money and go with a refurbished or used iPhone or Android smartphone that will last just as long, and provide great voice and data capability, and everything else.

If you’re buying new smartphones every time, you’re paying too much money. Again, if you don’t like money, you’re okay, but most people want to manage their budgets well to be able to afford all of the other things that they want and need. Their phones are a major drain on their finances because they don’t understand that alternatives are available, and they don’t really see that full cost broken down. They just pay it off for months.

Here at RefurbKings, we offer crazy deals on smartphones that are functionally as good as you can get from your big box store. Check out our iPhone 6 models at $129 a piece, or other phones that you can get at greatly reduced prices. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair for smartphones, so you don’t have to just start all over again if you get a cracked screen or other emergencies.

You owe it to yourself to check out these easy alternatives if you don’t like paying high prices for your next smartphone. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save without really sacrificing anything. You’ll still have the Internet and a camera and all of that stuff. You’ll probably have a phone that runs faster and works better because instead of spending on bells and whistles, you spent on real value. We are proud to help to make that happen.