Smartphone Security Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Most people feel like their smartphone is an extension of their bodies. Smartphone users engage with their devices multiple times a day. In most cases, an avid smartphone user will have lots of sensitive information stored on their device. If you have sensitive information like credit card numbers or save logins to your online banking stored on your device, protecting this data should be one of your top priorities. 

Studies show that data hacks occur once every 39 seconds. Over the past few years, cyber-criminals have turned their attention to mobile devices. Generally, common mistakes are to blame for the sensitive information contained on a smartphone falling into the wrong hands. Here are some common smartphone security mistakes you need to avoid. 

Ignoring the Need For Updates

The longer you have the same smartphone, the harder it will be to keep it functional and reliable. The average smartphone has a very complex operating system and intricate apps. The only way to keep these programs safe and operational is by updating them routinely. The manufacturers of the programs installed on your phone are constantly improving the security and functionality of their digital products. 

Some people ignore new operating system and app updates because they take time to install. Ignoring these updates can put your phone at risk. The holes created by outdated operating systems and apps can be exploited by cyber-criminals. Instead of ignoring these updates, you need to install them as soon as you receive a notification. 

Beware of Text and Email Links

Modern hackers use a variety of techniques to gain access to information on mobile devices. One of the most common methods is known as phishing attacks. These attacks involve sending out emails or texts to smartphone users with links to malware or viruses embedded in them. If a smartphone user clicks these links, a virus will be deployed on their phone. 

These viruses can render a mobile device useless and allow cyber-criminals to get access to sensitive information on the phone. If you receive an email or text from an unknown source, you need to avoid clicking it. Blocking the numbers or email addresses sending out these phishing messages is the best way to keep hackers at bay. 

Public WI-FI Networks are Dangerous

If you do a lot of traveling, then you are probably familiar with public WI-FI networks. These networks are usually offered by businesses or restaurants in an attempt to appeal to smartphone users. While these networks can help you avoid using your data, they are also very dangerous. In most cases, a public WI-FI network will be unsecured. 

This means that the information that you send and receive on this connection can be intercepted by a knowledgeable hacker. Instead of using a public connection and having sensitive information stolen from your device, you need to use your data to connect to the Internet. 

By avoiding the problems in this article, you can get the information on your smartphone out of the hands of hackers.

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