How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

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Over the years, tablet devices have become extremely popular among millions of people. According to statistics, 53 percent of adults in the United States have owned at least one tablet device from 2010-2021. Tablet ownership is ideal for business professionals, high school students, and for anyone who needs a simplified way to use a device that offers ease of mobility and operability. 

It is known that the average lifespan of a tablet is about five years. This timeline is also dependent on personal usage. How long will your tablet last? This article explores effective ways you can extend the battery life of your tablet.

Disable Location Services

The location feature on your tablet comes in handy when you want to find a good restaurant, stay organized while you’re traveling, and feel safer during emergencies. However, your tablet battery works extra hard when you have your location services turned on. Therefore, it is practical for you to consider turning off or disabling this feature from your tablet to save your battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

You can decrease battery life by remembering to turn off the Wi-Fi feature on your tablet. It is known that Wi-Fi drains the battery life of a tablet if you’re not using it. However, when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, your tablet will use less battery power.

Turn On Energy Mode

As a tablet user, you should be aware that you can save substantial battery power by activating your energy mode. Turning on your energy-saving mode is beneficial because it helps to restrict the apps that are in operation in the background, using mobile data and Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to tap the “Energy Mode” icon on your tablet to save your battery.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Should you increase or reduce the screen brightness of a tablet device? This is a question that you could be wondering if you use your tablet every day.  Most experts agree that high screen brightness consumes a lot of battery power. By reducing your screen brightness, you might be able to save about 20% or more of the energy consumption of your device. Adjusting the brightness on your screen is also a beneficial way for you to reduce eye strain. 

Disable Notifications

Notifications can sometimes provide you with useful information but they can also be extremely annoying. Notification apps can also use a lot of battery power. If your goal is to save your battery power, you should think about disabling your notification feature.

Key Takeaway

As a tablet owner, you want the assurance that you’re following the right steps to take good care of your electronic device. Fortunately, you can refer to these simple steps to make your device last for a long time. 

It is also worth the effort for you to contact experienced professionals to help you get the most usage from your device. When you’re in need of a tablet repair, do not hesitate to contact us at Refurb Kings to learn how we can provide you with superb electronic repair services.

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