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What do you look for when shopping for a used phone?

We know a little bit about this, because we see people doing this all the time. We’re familiar with what drives them to select a refurbished phone to replace one that has aged, or become obsolete, or has problems with software updates or something else.

Keep these considerations in mind as you shop.


Newer phones are often bigger, but is this what you want? Will the phone fit in your existing holder, or in your bag where you tend to keep it?

There’s always a trade-off when it comes to screen size. You see better on a larger screen, but then you have to tote this phone around in your pocket or wherever else you carry it. So that’s something to think about, too.

Battery Life

It’s always a good idea to have a strategy about battery life and potential battery replacement.

Analyze the battery as soon as you get the refurbished phone. See how long it lasts, and how quickly it drains. You may also want to have a backup option to replace a battery and get more enduring power to your phone.

Charging Cables

Some phones are more sensitive than others to charging through their ports. Make sure that if you have a more sensitive phone, you have the specific cables and wall plugs that will allow you to charge it properly. Otherwise you might get less out of your phone in the long run.

Storage Capacity

How many gigabytes can you store on this refurbished phone? It’s a big question for some people who tend to load up their phone with a lot of videos, music or audio streams.

Keep in mind, also, that some of your communications apps can be using a lot of storage, too. When you come across the warning that your phone is almost full, that can be an unpleasant surprise and a rude awakening.  And that problem can be hard to fix, too. 


This is another one where you should analyze your phone use and figure out whether this is an issue for your particular used smartphone.

Some phones tend to heat up more than others – for example, when you are charging and using the phone at the same time. You want to avoid situations where it’s heating up so much that it can actually be damaged!

For all of this and more come to Refurb Kings and check out our catalog of refurbished and used smartphones to save money and keep yourself equipped for the long haul! We take pride in offering the best pre-owned gear and advice on smartphones, for the enormous customer audience that needs quality, combined with affordability. 

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