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Refurbished Laptop

At RefurbKings, we offer our customers enormous savings as they upgrade their smartphones and mobile devices to newer and more functional models over time. When people get tired of paying sky-high prices for new out-of-the-box phones and accessories, they come to us, and since a lot of people want to save money, business is booming.

However, if you’re in the market for a new computer, you should also check out our refurbished laptops, because you can get massive savings there, too.

Laptops are very much priced up for the market – it’s like a new car, where the new laptop computer depreciates as soon as you take it out of the box. Take a look at how our prices stack up!


Yes, Apple has been the apex of the industry for nearly all of the history of the personal computer era. Ever since the old Apple II, the company has been seen as a pioneer of personal computing, and since its first step into the laptop market, after the days of the classic Macintosh desktop, Apple is, in many ways, King of the laptop computer as well as the desktop. However, there’s one problem. The single number one reason that most people don’t buy Apple is the price – a new Apple computer can cost four or five times as much as a new PC.

How do you make Apple affordable? Check out our refurbished models that come with dramatically lower price tags!

Dell and HP

These are two extremely popular PC brands. We have both of them in newly refurbished models that are fully built back to new, and can handle whatever you need them to do.


This Japanese brand is a bestseller, partially for its modern design and smaller battery and cable accessories. Unlike some of the “battleship” laptops of the past, even the legacy Toshibas have a smaller slimmer build, which is handy for people who really do take their laptops everywhere they go.

Acer and Asus

These off-brand models may have gotten a bad rap from being mass-marketed through Walmart, but the Acer and Asus computers are perfectly functional laptops that can perform quite well over time. That’s why we keep these on hand, too, again, at bargain prices that you’ll love.


Making its mark with the ThinkPad and similar designs, Lenovo is a runner-up in terms of PC quality. So look for these, too.

Check out our refurbished models, and you might find a match that fits your budget and your needs. Remember, at RefurbKings, you don’t sacrifice quality – you just save hundreds of dollars!

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