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Unfortunately, screens on mobile devices and electronics can break from time to time. Knowing what to do when a screen breaks and what your options are for fixing it can help save some of the stress. Being informed can also help you save some money as well. We know that device cost you quite a bit, to begin with, and luckily a crack in the screen is something that can be fixed to get you back up and functioning right away. Here are some tips to help get you through this process.

  1. How Old Is Your Device?

If your Apple IPad is just a few weeks old and It has some small cracks that are already starting to develop, you may want to see if this is a defect. If your Apple Ipad is new, but you dropped it on the ground, this is an entirely different situation. However, if you genuinely feel that it could be a defect in the device, it is best to contact Apple immediately.

  1. How Big Is The Break?

Some small breaks on your screen may not be worth fixing. Of course, you will need to make sure that your device is not sharp and that the break is not spreading, but it may not need to be fixed. Sometimes If you put a heavy-duty case on the Ipad, it will be good enough to work with a cracked screen. Long term, we still suggest having it fixed, but this could work for you temporarily.

  1. Warranty

If you don’t have any of the extended warranties or Apple Care on your devices, then you will have to figure out another way to get your screen fixed. You may be able to do this through Apple, but chances are it will be much less expensive to have it done locally. Local shops can have your product back to you much faster because there are no shipping costs or wait times involved. You will also notice that local shops tend to charge much less than Apple because their overhead is not quite like that at Apple.

  1. Prevention

We know those expensive cases are incredibly annoying to purchase. Here you are just having spent hundreds of dollars on an electronic device, and now you need to spend more money on a case. A great case will pay for itself very quickly when you consider the cost of a repair. Our experts will help you find a case that is guaranteed to protect your screen and fit your IPad the way that it should.

Having to repair your Apple Ipad Screen is not a fun time. However, we can make this process a bit easier for you by saving you some money and helping to coach you on how to protect your devices better. We see this issue day in and day out, and we want to help keep your devices in great shape for many years. If you should ever have any questions about how to maintain your phone or if a crack is worth fixing, we are always available to help.