4 Common Problems We Hear About a Lot

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At our offices in Lexington, Kentucky, we help dozens of people with their smartphone problems, day in and day out.

Our quick and effective repair services are based on our inventory of products and parts, and our exemplary customer service model. We know that time is important when you’re looking at a smartphone fix!

As we step up to help frazzled customers to get their phones in good condition again, we tend to hear some of the same problems come up time after time. Here are some of the most common reasons for people to look for iPhone repair or other smartphone repair services.

  1. Diagonal Pockets

Maybe you have one of these pairs of pants or jackets – the pocket is slanted in just the wrong way to carry a smartphone. Maybe it’s not quite big enough to hold the phone comfortably as you move. You shift or bend over, and bang! Your phone is on the ground, possibly shattered or cracked.

  1. My Holder Broke

Those neat smartphone holders that you buy at sky-high prices from your network store are great, aren’t they? That is, until they break.

If a little piece of the clip comes off suddenly, your phone is slipping and sliding all over the place, and it’s easy enough to break it.

  1. I Don’t Have Enough Hands!

Have you been in this scenario before? You’re trying to wrangle grocery bags or delivery bags with your smartphone in one hand. If you had a third hand, it would be fine …but as you grab for a handle, the phone falls to the ground and: smash!

  1. Anger Management

Yes, we’ve seen this a lot more times than some of our customers would like to admit.

Something was said. Insults were exchanged – things got out of hand. At some point, somebody threw their phone at somebody else, and now it’s broken. For some reason, we seem to see this one a lot around the holidays … or in the summer when temperatures creep up.

We can’t fix human nature – but we can fix your smartphone. Bring it in and get quality service from professional repair technicians. We don’t judge – we just get busy fixing your phone! Whether it’s an occupational injury, or a casualty of an impulse to jump off of a railing, or just an errant drop, we can get your screen and all of the innards back to the condition they need to be in to keep helping you through your day.